HTML Character Entities

An entity is a fancy term for a symbol.

Several symbols such as copyright, trademark, or foreign cash symbols exist outside of the ones you see on your keyboard.

In order to display them. In order to display these characters, you need to know 4 parts.

There's three parts to every entity.

HTML Code:

        Combine © to make - © - Copyright symbol.

Expect complications if you forget to include all three parts of an entity.

Additional Spaces

As you have may have learned within paragraph and heading tags, browsers
will only recognize and format 1 space between words regardless of how many you may
actually type in your coded HTML. An entity exists for placing additional spaces.

Here's an example.

HTML Code:
        <p>Everything that goes up, must come &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; down!</p>
Will display:
Everything that goes up, must come     down!

Less than Greater than

In HTML we use less than and greater than characters to create tags,
so to use them on your web site you will need entities.

HTML Code:
      Less than - &lt;<br>
      Greater than - &gt;<br>
      Body tag - &lt;body&gt;
Will display:

Less than - <
Greater than - >
Body tag - <body>

Take a few minutes to view and play with the symbols listed in the Entities Table.