There is no CSS here, just Basic HTML

Is this Course for me?

This is a very Basic level, HTML course. It is not my goal to deal with anything else but pure HTML here.

Some people may say I'm doing it wrong (in fact they already did), because
"everybody" knows we don't format page content using HTML "style" tag,
"everybody" knows we don't use tables the way I show here anymore,
"everybody" knows we don't even use frames anymore,
"everybody" knows we split content (HTML) from formatting (CSS) now.

But... If you don't know a thing about what I'm talking about, and just want to know how this "web stuff" works learning the basics on how to create and deal with every aspect of a web page, having some fun in the process.

This course fits your needs!

How the course works?

Following the pages of the Table Of Contents, in the suggested order, you will be presented to the basic HTML aspects.

Each topic is full of examples, ending by two links: "View an example Code", where you can see the code used to get what is presented in the "View the example Result".

That way, all you need to do is: Read the text, Understand it, see the code used, see the results, and more important: copy the code, create your own sample pages, change it a bit, and make your own experiments.

It is a kind of DIY course, I only show you the tools, the path, and a way to make your first steps easier.

It is far from being your last experience on web development. Just the opposite. Here you can find some basic concepts and techniques you need to know, but not necessarily will keep using them in the near future.

About (X)HTML specification

Many of the criticism regarding this course content comes from the fact that it doesn't care much about the formal W3C specifications.

Here is all you need to start and will be using during the course:

  "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
   <title>Page title goes here</title>
   <p>Page Content goes here!</p>

Only after this course completion, you are suppose to give attention on making your pages valid against any W3C Specification.

In the last course topic "HTML Course Final Words", you will get more information on your next steps.

My personal Goal

I hope this initiative could be useful for those "old school programers" (just like myself), on making the first step into the "web development" field.

Improvements in this revision:

  • HTML5 is now used on every single page.
  • Gist is now used to include the HTML code in the "CODE" pages, getting rid of all those old "styling" HTML.
  • Many unnecessary images are now removed. The remaining ones have being updated.
  • The general page layout has being improved into a more lightweight one.
  • Many external references have being improved or updated.
Enjoy it!