Ruby Comments

Comments are lines of annotation within Ruby code that are ignored at runtime. A single line comment starts with # charcter and they extend from # to the end of the line as follows:

      #!/usr/bin/ruby -w
      # This is a single line comment.
      puts "Hello, Ruby!";


Ruby Multiline Comments

You can comment multiple lines using =begin and =end syntax as follows:

      #!/usr/bin/ruby -w
      puts "Hello, Ruby!";
      This is a multiline comment and con spwan as many lines as you
      like. But =begin and =end should come in the first line only. 

Make sure trailing comments are far enough from the code that it is easily distinguished. If more than one trailing comment exists in a block, align them. For example:

      @counter      # keeps track times page has been hit
      @siteCounter  # keeps track of times all pages have been hit